Bay County Chapter No. 39, R.A.M.

2000px-Triple_tau.svgBay County Chapter Chapter No. 39, R.A.M. meets on the 4th Monday of January, April, July & October.   All applicants to become a Royal Arch Mason must be a Master Mason for at least six months and have lived in Florida for one year.  To download a petition for membership click here.

2015 Installed Officers

High Priest               Matthew R. Kopp

King                                                Pete Golden

Scribe                                             Richard A. Allen, Jr.

Captain of Hosts                          Tony R. Powell

Principal Sojourner                     Larry Cruze

Royal Arch Captain                     Addison A. Bennett, PHP

Master 3rd Veil                             Joseph L Hall, PHP

Master 2nd Veil                            Richard J. Filippi, PHP

Master 1st Veil                              Joe Wayne Walker, PHP

Sentinel                                         John B. Winfree, Jr., PHP

Treasurer                                      Edward Brown

Secretary                                       R.E. Richard E. Foreman

Chaplain                                        R.E Frank Sellars

Installing Officer            R.E Richard E. Foreman

Installing Marshal          R.E. Frank Sellars

Installing Chaplain        R.E. Donald L. Heaton

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